Hayley Uberti

As a professional dancer with two decades of dance training and teaching, Hayley already had a keen interest in how the body moved and ways to keep fit and healthy but with so much demand on her body, her career came to a halt from an injury six years ago. Turning to yoga for her own healing, yoga not only benefited her physical body but also greatly supported her journey mentally and emotionally.

Since then it has lead Hayley to complete her Yoga Teacher Training in India, privileged to learn from a wise, traditional and accomplished teacher giving her the confidence and knowledge to eventually open her own bespoke studio in Bath, England and run retreats and workshops in the UK, India and Melbourne. 

Hayley is highly passionate about educating young dancers with how they can use yoga as a valuable tool during their intense training and future career. Thrilled to be working with Transit Dance, she can't wait to share her knowledge on healthy body and breath awareness, emotional wellbeing, injury prevention and overall healing. 

Her own understanding of injuries and the relationship between body/mind/soul as a dancer is what makes Hayley a nurturing and inspiring teacher.