I have completed some training elsewhere, do I have to repeat these units of work?

No, please provide your Statement of Attainment from your previous provider and we can arrange for a credit transfer for that or those unit/s of work.  You are still required to attend physical classes to hone your performance skills however the theoretical part of that unit does not need to be repeated.

Can I still participate in competitions?

Fulltime study is tiring on body and mind.  We recommend not participating in competitions once you commence full-time training in order to have sufficient time to rest and be fresh for the rigours of full-time training.  However, if there are workshops or classes a student would like to attend or indeed a competition from time to time, a form is filled in requesting permission to attend/participate.  All extra curricular dance opportunities or additional training must be approved by the Director of the course via the request form.

How necessary is a qualification in dance?

When students audition for professional work, their qualifications will not be a consideration.  They will audition and be chosen on the specific needs and requirements for that particular show.  The purpose of the qualification is not just to have something to show for a year/s study but to give students an opportunity for recognition of prior learning (RPL) if they go on to study a specific field of pursuit in the future.  The units of work have been specifically chosen to enhance a student's learning, to give them a greater understanding of how their bodies work and to ensure they are thinking, knowing students.  The additional theoretical studies include preparing for a career, knowing how to apply for funding for projects, understanding concepts of choreography, anatomy, music and more.

What happens in case of injury?

To begin each year, the students undertake a physio assessment and have their own physical program created for their individual needs.  Students therefore are able to take responsibility for their training and have an ongoing understanding of their bodies and how they work.  Should an injury occur, our first aid officers assess the injury and situation before seeking additional treatment if necessary.  Dependent on the injury, the students are expected to attend classes, observe, take notes etc. while rehabilitating.  If a more serious illness is diagnosed, we will liaise with student and parents to ensure the best treatment and outcome possible.

Are there any hidden costs?

The majority of additional costs and disbursements are contained in the student handbook and advised in advance of the course commencing.  There are opportunities during the year for students to attend various performances and we work hard to achieve student prices for group bookings.  We have no warning of these costs in advance however they are not compulsory to attend.