The Transit Dance Fellowship for Males in Dance is awarded to individual male dance artists and performers who exude a high level of dedication and leadership in their craft whilst demonstrating exceptional physical, artistic and intellectual ability with a strong commitment to their community.


The award consists of a two-year full scholarship to Transit’s Pre Professional Diploma Courses, either Contemporary Dance or Performing Arts valued at $24,000, as well as a $2,000 bursary at the completion of the course to go towards further education, travel expenses, and/or professional expenses as they transition into their professional careers.

The Fellowship can be applied for by both Australian and New Zealand male dancers aged 17 and above. All Fellowship recipients will receive individual guidance and mentoring by industry professionals and further opportunities such as performance opportunities, portfolio development and networking.

Recipients will be selected by a panel of Transit Dance directors, Karen Malek, Kim Adam, Chris Curran & Paul Malek.

The purpose of the fellowship:

Transit Dance believes strongly in the development and evolution of dance on a global scale. We believe in creating not only great dancers, but great leaders, artists and contributors to the world of dance.

The aim of the Transit Fellowship is to ignite inspiration within young male dance artists to be proactive in their own future and participate in their own future pathway. It aims to celebrate males in dance, provide positive promotion for future male dance artists and encourage more males to look into dance not only as a hobby, but a serious future professional pathway in their lives. It offers financial support, well rounded career guidance coupled with one of the highest level of technical and artistic training in the world at Transit Dance. It’s aim is to produce the male leaders of tomorrow and the future of male dance globally.


PAST Recipients