Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I choose between contemporary or PA?
You need to make sure that you have experienced both. Although you will gain the same qualification from both courses, they are vastly different in their timetabling and structure. Research the industries connected to these styles and try to imagine which one you think suits you best. We are always happy to help guide you through this decision.
I’ve applied for other full time courses, how do I know which one is right for me?
Talk to the Directors, find out who the faculty are, visit the facility, attend classes, talk to a current student or past student, discuss with your family and ask AS MANY questions as you need. Whichever institution you decide to train with needs to feel comfortable and right for you.

What happens after I receive an offer?
Once you receive a formal offer we’ll ask you to let us know if you intend on accepting the place by a certain date. Once accepted you will be sent an enrolment form along with other important information. Remember that if you need more time to decide, just ask. We understand how big the decision is and we want to make sure you are certain that this is the right decision for you.  

What if I don’t get in?
If you don't receive a first round offer into our Pre Professional program this is not your only training option at Transit Dance. We offer a Foundation Program which includes 3 nights per week in various styles. These classes will guide dancers who may need more information in the fundamentals of dance before entering a Full Time program. You may also be placed on our waiting list, which we will inform you if you are successful as soon as we can.

Can I come and trial some classes?
Most definitely! Contact Gina to organise a visit to Transit Dance. We will show you around and give you the full Transit experience of a day in our community.



This will be the first time I will be living away from home. What kind of support does Transit Dance offer?
Transit attracts students from all over the world! We are very experienced in helping you to get settled into our beautiful city. Gina, our student coordinator, will assist you with things like:
- Settling into a new home or linking you with housemates
- Assistance with setting up bank accounts, student travel cards and referring students to local medical centres, shopping centres and cafes.
- Providing nervous students with a Melbourne born buddy.
Essentially, if you need assistance, we will do our best to make you feel at home.  

Will Transit Dance assist me with finding somewhere to live?
All interstate and International students are given a detailed handbook with information on accommodation options to fit all price ranges. This can include student housing, share housing and homestay. Transit Dance will also ensure that you are fully informed on the most efficient public transportation route to our studio.   
It is very important to us that our students have a comfortable home life. So we will provide as much assistance as needed to make that a reality.   

What is Melbourne like as a place to live?
Melbourne is a very exciting place to live, know for its cafe culture and artistic liberation, Transit Dance is right in the heart of it all. It is very easy city to navigate, especially our public transportation system, but also everything you need is probably just around the corner.  

Will it be easy to make new friends?
Most certainly! Transit has a student body of over 130, and you will be working within intimate groups of 25 or less. In this environment it’s hard to not make friends. If this ever becomes a concern to our students, our student coordinator Gina is always willing to support.  

How easy is it to find work in Melbourne?
If you are committed to the search you can find work in Melbourne. Our city is booming with many cafes and restaurants in our surrounding suburbs. Our Transit staff can also help you with your resume, cover letters and recommendations to ensure you have the best chance of landing casual employment.

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