Strong bodies, strong dancers.

Transit Dance is committed to creating healthy, strong and resilient young dancers. Through our exciting new partnership with The Biomechanics, we are able to invest in the long-term health and wellbeing of our students through on-site healthcare support and research.

Our world class programme, managed by The Biomechanics, empowers dancers to take charge of their own wellbeing and equip them with the tools needed to maintain a sustainable career in the arts.

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To find out more visit our website or give us a call on 1300 920 520

The Biomechanics are offering services from Transit Dance

The Biomechanics are a team of Allied Health Professionals and Exercise Scientists who help people develop their performance, recover from injury and help with their pain. 

What are we doing at Transit Dance? We're helping to create strong and robust dancers who have the confidence in themselves to perform at a high level. We support them through training programs, individual consultations for injuries or when they need a little extra help and rehabilitation programs if needed.

We always start by listening to your story, get to know you and what you want. Then we help by providing you with a better understanding of your concerns and how we can help you with them. Thereafter we'll help you get fit and strong and back to the things that you love.

If developing your performance is what you are after then we'll provide you with and & help you implement a well structured, regularly reviewed, research-backed, personalised exercise program helping you achieve what you want to achieve. We offer both personal training and group training sessions.