Your pathway to a career in dance.

Our Full-Time courses are specifically designed to provide the highest level of training in dance. Boasting a world-class teaching faculty, we ensure all participants gain the knowledge and ability to have a sustainable and prolonged career in their chosen art form, as well as becoming valued contributors to the development of dance in Australia and beyond.



CUA50113 Diploma in Dance – Elite Performance

This Pre-Professional Performing Arts Dance Course is a uniquely designed Jazz based course aimed at preparing you for a professional career as a dancer in many areas of the Performing Arts including Musical Theatre, Cruise Ships, Theme Parks and Cabaret, just to name a few.

With our world-class faculty, we develop your skills, knowledge, physicality and performance stamina whilst advancing your technique. Transit PA is passionate about delving heavily into specific stylings including the techniques of Fosse, Gene Kelly, Jack Cole and many more. At the completion of the two years you will receive a Diploma in Dance (Elite Performance) in association with RTO Australian Teachers of Dancing.

There is a maximum number of 25 successful applicants accepted into each course stream every year. This allows Transit PA faculty and staff to give the required amount of personal feedback and individual development opportunities for participants to reach their yearly goals and outcomes.

We are a performance based course, where you will participate in 4 Production seasons throughout the year working with world-leading professional choreographers, creators, directors and producers.

Subjects covered over the duration of your course: Jazz Technique, Classical Technique, Pilates & Conditioning, Travel, Turn, Cabaret, Fosse, Commercial, Broadway (through the eras), Aerial, Swing, Cabaret, Ballroom, Salsa, Tap, Hip- Hop, Breakdance, Circus Arts, Acting, Prop Technique, Acrobatics, Anatomy and nutrition, First Aid, Marketing and Publicity, Budgeting, Production Company Research, Audition Techniques, Production skills and lighting.

Course Contributors: Kim Adam | Troy Phillips | Amy Berrisford | Yvette Lee |  Ross Hannaford | Chris Curran | Keith Bearne | Cheryl Edmondstone | Tammy Hesz

During this course you will not just cover a myriad of styles and genre, you will become a master of your craft, a powerful being with exceptional mentality, physicality, and the skills to achieve success beyond what you thought possible.

Q&A with Course Director Kim Adam

What are you most excited about with your new role as Jazz Course Director?

I'm looking forward to being able to work continuously with a dedicated group of individuals and help guide them with a strong understanding of technique and an awareness of what is required once stepping into the professional industry of performing arts. I'm excited to watch their progress and be a strong support for them through their time at Transit Dance.

Will you still be teaching at other full time schools?

No I won’t be. My sole focus will be on my Transit PA students, and pushing them to their full potential and helping them extend it even further!!


What is it about Transit Dance that appealed to you?

I have been a part of the Transit Dance family from its first day and I love every second of being here. Transit’s holistic, nurturing and high quality education and artistic training training is unparalleled and provides real and tangible pathways for dancers into their careers.


What kind of dancer is this course suited to?

The course is suited to any dancer that is passionate and willing to be immersed in all areas and genres of the performing arts. A dancer that is thirsty for their future, who is prepared to be moulded by dedicated industry professionals, and a dancer that can't see themselves doing anything but performing!


There are a lot of full time commercial courses around, what makes this course different to rest?

Our course structure and strong emphasis on technique, along with our 4 performance seasons per year that will really give our dancers the edge needed. Not only do we provide the highest level of training in numerous dance styles and genres, but we also provide much needed insight and education into marketing and business skills, allowing students to develop into sustainable performers. I am so excited to help guide these young artists to long and successful careers in the Performing Arts.