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Tr.IPP MEET is a formula of interactive experience which is derived of the wish to create a sense of community, create an environment for genuine exchange of practices and methodologies, develop cross-sectorial bridges and ignite stimulate public discourse.

Each Tr.IPP MEET includes two parts:

Part 1: A competence development and practice enrichment including the following:

  • contemporary dance class

  • movement quality investigation and exploration through choreographic scores

  • improvisation skills and methodologies development

Part 2: A Lecture by guest academic and or scientist in topics related to art, science and society.

At the end of the lecture we will have an open room discussion about the subject matter and topics that were introduced and/or addressed in the lecture.

Part 1 is suitable for dance tertiary students and professionals. Part 2 is open for the general public and mainly for those who are curious in the dynamic relation between art and science within a broad context.

You can choose to participate in only one of the two parts or join us for both parts and benefit from a special offer.

Tr.IPP MEET is one of the public activities which are initiated and delivered by the artistic director (Israel Aloni) and the attendees of Tr.IPP (Transit Dance International Professional Pathway).

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