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UP HERE by Project Y

Originally filmed in 2013, UP HERE is a 30 minute dance feature film directed by Paul Malek and featuring youth collective Project Y.

Centred around the issues that face the youth of today, UP HERE was created through discussions and workshops with a company of thirty dancers aged 12 to 22 years old. The film explores issues such as expectation, body image, bullying and loss, to tell a unique narrative through the medium of dance.

The film features music by Vanessa Amorosi, Lowlakes, Peter Nigido, Sean Crowley and choreography by Kim Adam, Lucy Doherty, Freya List, Erica Sobol and Paul Malek.


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Cast & Credits

Transit Dance presents a Project Y film UP HERE

Written by Paul Malek, Chris Curran & Matthew Lockitt

Produced by Chris Curran, Paul Malek & Katherine Armstrong

Directed by Paul Malek

Cinematography by Joanne Donahoe Beckwith

Choreography by Paul Malek, Kim Adam, Lucy Doherty, Freya List & Erica Sobol

Music By Vanessa Amorosi, Sean Crowley, Lowlakes And Peter Nigido

Featuring Noah Missell, Timothy Doherty, Giselle Graham, Brittany Thomson, Carly Doctor, Janelle Smith, Karen Malek, Matthew Lockitt, Alarna Curtis, Anna Magrath, Brandon Anderson, Brendan O'Sullivan, Brooklynde Oliveira, Cheyenne Griggs, Claudia Busetti, Cynthia Melchiorre, Ella Banfield, Eloise Curtis, Emily Saltmarsh, Gorran Katinic, Indigo Hunt, Jane Kingsford, Jasmine Carly, Jasmine Susic, Jazz Miller, Jess Moran, Kai Mann-robertson, Lucy O'shea, Marcia Lemm, Marni Mcgrath, Mikayla Mcgregor, Olivia Rooney, Sasha Missell Sian Kelly, Solomon Hill,  Tara Presnell & Victoria Conroy