The community of Transit Dance

Transit Dance has built its foundations on community. We endeavour to generate a safe, caring, and compassionate creative environment for all to grow and prosper.

From the smiles that greet you the second you walk through our front door, to the supportive and experienced staff that work inside. Our incredible world class facilities and the people who you get to share them with create joyous moments each and every day.

Transit Dance is a community that we build equally together, with strong values and artistic vision.

Performing Arts students Zoe & Liam sharing a moment at the 2017 Graduation.

Performing Arts students Zoe & Liam sharing a moment at the 2017 Graduation.

Transit Dance is a thriving community bound by the values that unite us.
— Paul Malek (Artistic Director)
Student Coordinator & resident mum, Gina Dwipayana.

Student Coordinator & resident mum, Gina Dwipayana.

Transit Dance puppies Milky & Bella

Transit Dance puppies Milky & Bella

A nurturing approach

At Transit Dance, we go above and beyond to create a nurturing and encouraging space that caters for each individual in our community.

Transit Dance's Student Co-ordinator and resident mother Gina brings a generosity and care that is unrivalled in our industry. Always willing to lend a hand and help in any situation, she is one of the many hearts that keeps our community alive.

The beautiful Transit Dance puppies Milky, Bella and Effie, greet you with a sniff and most definitely encourage a pat or tummy tickle in our reception foyer.

Transit cultivates an environment where all faculty and contributors are approachable, kind and positive.

No other training institution has such a warm feel and supportive environment as Transit Dance. When I walk through those doors I never want to leave.
— Olivia Yeo (Graduate)

Best of the inner city

Brunswick is a trendy and multicultural suburb that is a popular destination for sublime culinary experiences, with walking distances to funky cafes, live music hotspots, upbeat pubs and beer gardens and quaint little boutiques. 

Our facilities are less that 15 minutes from the centre of Melbourne, and housed within the new design and education district of Brunswick.

Transit Dance is a five minute walk from Brunswick Train Station, and six minutes from the vibrant cafe filled Sydney Road, that sits at the areas heart.

This wonderful inner city suburb showcases the very best that Melbourne living has to offer.