Daniel Jaber talks about the new Foundation Pathway

Hey everyone!

I felt it would be nice to share some words on the new Foundation Pathway Course at Transit Dance. I’ll be posting answers to any questions over the next few days so don’t be shy to ask away!



Q: What’s special, important or significant about the Transit Dance Foundation Pathway Course?

A: Many things, but the one thing I’m most excited about is properly and thoroughly preparing students for life in full-time dance.

I hear from students on a daily basis that they had no idea what full-time training would require of them. Now we finally have a program that will meaningfully prepare each student for their next steps, what ever that might be.

Going into full-time takes a tremendous deal of physical and mental stamina. It takes a very specific set of tools and skills, and that’s where the Foundation Pathway comes into it. 
At Transit we have dissected the core competencies required to truly flourish in a full-time setting - and our findings are what we bring to you with this course.

We will hone your understanding of foundational technique and the mechanics of the human body. We will advance your technical standard, and create links between your technique and kinesiology, to help you understand body efficiency, safe dance practice and functionality. We will safely, in a supportive and non-judgemental environment unlock your creativity through many forms of artistic expression.

Here’s a list of what you can expect to conquer in the Foundation Pathway Course;

  • Technique. 
  • Mindset. 
  • Physical & Mental endurance and stamina. 
  • Bravery. 
  • Creative flow and confidence in areas such as choreography, tasking and improvisation. 
  • Development of an analytical eye. 
  • Education in supporting subjects such as history, terminology, anatomy and kinesiology.

Over four-nights a week we will train consistently in Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz technique while rotating a plethora of of other classes and subjects that aid in creating the strongest, most responsible version of you, ready for what ever lies ahead.


I would love to answer any questions you guys might have. Feel free to shoot me an email to daniel@transitdance.com.au

And I can’t wait to go on this journey with you!

chris curran