Transit Fellowship for Males in Dance

Transit Dance continues $74,000 initiative encouraging males into dance training.

We are so excited to announce the continuation of our all-male initiative to help encourage young men to choose dance as their career path, Transit Fellowship for Males in Dance. 

Transit Dance Directors; Karen Malek, Kim Adam, Chris Curran & Paul Malek.

Transit Dance Directors; Karen Malek, Kim Adam, Chris Curran & Paul Malek.

Two lucky male dancers will be awarded the fellowship honour every year, which will help them financially achieve their professional development in dance through Transit Dance. The Transit Fellowship is valued at a total of almost $74,000 and is aimed at male dancers aged 17 and over who would like elite dance training.

The recipient will be awarded a two-year full scholarship to Transit’s Pre Professional Diploma courses—either Contemporary Dance or Performing Arts. This is essentially a $24,000 scholarship awarded to a male who demonstrates a serious will to succeed and a desire to better themselves creatively. Along with the full scholarship, the recipient will also receive a $2,000 bursary at the completion of their studies to put toward their future dancing endeavours.  Fellowship recipients will have trusted individual guidance and mentoring by industry professionals and further opportunities such as performances, portfolio development, and networking.

It is more than generosity; it is a life-changing award.

“I meet many young dancers, males especially, who do not have the same support and guidance I received on my pathway. So with the Transit Fellowship, we can help eradicate this thought process, educate the masses and give much-needed support to the next wave of male dance artists,” Paul Malek.

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