Latrobe Regional Creative Project


Transit Dance was so grateful to travel down to Latrobe Performing Arts Centre in January to create a new contemporary dance work on 22 regional dancers titled "Hometown". This was an initiative created by Jayden Hicks and Kathleen Roberts, to travel the ethos and creative process of Transit Dance Faculty down to Traralgon to work with members of the local community. Being a town that both Paul Malek and Jayden Hicks grew up in, they were excited to travel home to re connect with their origins. 

This was an incredibly rewarding and successful exchange with the final product presented on stage alongside Animaux by Origins Dance Company, choreographed by Jayden Hicks, and Jumbled by Transit Dance Company, choreographed by Paul Malek. An overall beautiful and humbling experience. 

Jayden recently travelled back to Latrobe Performing Arts Centre to remount and present this new work at the 2019 season launch, allowing this very special creation to live on just a bit longer. This was a great opportunity to continue the growth and awareness of contemporary dance to regional theatre goers. Such amazing reception from the audience has filled us all with hope that Transit Dance presenting events and performances in Gippsland can continue.